East Hampton, NY – The Leiber Collection, located in Springs, has been honored by both the Town of East Hampton and the State of New York.

In a proclamation issued by the East Hampton Town Board and presented by Deputy Supervisor Peter Van Scoyoc, it was declared “the Leiber Museum has been visited by thousands of students who regard Judith Leiber as a fashion icon and pioneer, and has welcomed visitors from virtually every state and several European, South American, and Asian countries who have made it one of the cultural monuments of East Hampton, therefore, the Town of East Hampton honors Judith and Gerson Leiber for their artistic achievements and cultural contributions to our community.”

The State of New York also issued a proclamation that was presented on the grounds of the Leiber Collection by State Senator LaValle and State Assemblyman Thiele. Their proclamation declared that “in East Hampton the Leibers have built a magnificent Palladian-style museum on seven acres of beautiful gardens…the legislative body is proud to extend its highest commendation to Judith Leiber for her dedication and commitment to her community and heritage.”

Earlier this year both Senator Gillibrand and Senator Schumer issued similar proclamations that commemorate and honor the artistic contributions of the Leibers.

The Leiber Collection is open and free to the public on Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays from 1 to 4 PM. For further information, please visit the or email


Judith Leiber Handbags

Since 2008, over one hundred and fifty of Judith Leiber’s most prized designs have been on permanent view at the Leiber Collection. Each display has been curated with attention to detail and design, encouraging visitors to view these iconic fashionable objects as works of art. This retrospective exhibition offers views not only on the development of Leiber’s acclaimed designs, but on the various advances made in the fashion industry during her fruitful career. To view the entire catalog for this exhibition, select the link below:


Antique Chinese Porcelains from Eight Dynasties (206 BCE to 1912)

The Leiber Collection’s 2008 inaugural exhibition Antique Chinese Porcelains from Eight Dynasties (206 BCE to 1912) features approximately 140 of Judith and Gerson Leiber’s rare Chinese porcelains. This eclectic collection contains pieces that date back thousands of years, as well as pieces that were created in the first years of the 20th Century. The exhibition offers vital cultural and artistic insights into China’s glorious past, demonstrating its magnificent contribution to the art and craft of porcelain pottery.

This exhibition remains on permanent display and can be viewed upon request in one of the collection’s private galleries. To view the entire catalog for this exhibition, select the link below:

Chinese Catalog